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Hi Kevin here.

There are heated discussions whether Pheromones really work to increase the sexual attractiveness and to get more attention from the opposite sex. It’s scientifically proven that pheromones do work. But most of the pheromone cologne products available don’t actually contain real pheromones and are complete crap. I searched the Internet for any useful information and reviews about Pheromone Products that really work. But I haven’t found any sites with reliable and unbiased reviews.

Thus I decided to provide useful and unbiased reviews on the latest Pheromones available for sale via the Internet. I spent the past weeks and months to test those products and to collect other people’s opinions and reviews from forums and customer reviews.

The ratings are based on the results of hundreds of tests by real people. You have the opportunity to provide your own reviews if you have experience with a specific product. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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Kevin “The Pheromone Researcher”