Alpha 7 SCENTED for Men Review


One of the problems with most pheromone products is that the unscented versions have such a strange odor that they don’t mix well with perfumes and colognes, but the scented versions often aren’t scented well enough that they can replace the need for a cologne or perfume.

This is why Alpha 7 SCENTED was so intriguing for me. Supposedly, Alpha 7 is one of the best pheromone products in the market, and now that it has been given a new scent, I thought it might be time to take a look and see what the Alpha 7 SCENTED user feedback was saying.

Alpha 7 is a Love Scent Product

The first thing I noticed about Alhpa 7 is that it’s a Love Scent product, which is amazing to me. They already have so many products that I couldn’t help but wonder why they needed another one. The company is based in Colorado, and unlike many of their competitors, they post their address and phone number freely on the Internet. This is a good sign for those worrying about an Alpha 7 SCENTED scam.


About Alpha 7 SCENTED

Alpha 7 SCENTED comes in a 10ml bottle, containing 7mg of pheromones. Unlike many other blends, this mixture contains just two pheromones: 6mg of Androstenone and 1mg of Androsterone. To achieve the scented effect, they have used a blend of essential oils, which I found very interesting because most people don’t use essential oils as perfumes and colognes. I couldn’t help but wonder if this was meant to enhance the raw natural power of the pheromones, or to try and cover up their odor.

This blend comes in a dropper bottle, rather than a pump spray.


What Alpha 7 SCENTED Users Say

The first complaints I read about were that the blend smells like urine, even with the scented oils. Obviously, no one wants to hit the club smelling like urine, so this could be an issue.

Also, many people complained that the dropper was difficult to use, and I concur. For ease of use, I find that pump spray bottles are much more effective.

Though some reviewers said that it worked for them, I was disappointed to see that most reviews found it to be much less effective than other Love Scent products. Thinking about pheromones, this does make sense, as certain mixture work better for different people, so it’s possible that the right people haven’t been using Alpha 7 SCENTED yet.



  • 7mg of pheromones per bottle
  • Mixture of two well-known and powerful pheromones



  • Poor smell
  • Expensive
  • Dropper bottle


Alpha 7 SCENTED Rating

Sadly, this product just doesn’t seem to pass the “smell” test (pun intended), so I’m going to have to place it near the bottom of the stack at 2/5 stars. That being said, it’s likely that it will work for some people, and for those that love the smell of essential oils over chemically manufactured perfumes and colognes. Love Scent does make a few great products, so I have no doubt that they will perfect this one.

Visit this link here to read more about Alpha 7


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