Max Attraction Gold Review


I first heard about Max Attraction Gold from a friend who kept talking about how he thought it could work to help him with “the ladies,” and though I wasn’t interested in it myself, I thought that since I’m in the business of analyzing products like these, that the least I could do is take a look to let him know with a Max Attraction Gold Review if he’d be wasting his money or not.

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My concern was not whether Max Attraction Gold was a scam, but whether the use of pheromones could actually help people facilitate the attraction process. In other words, could it help people “hook up?” Beyond that, does Max Attraction Gold have the best value on the market, or is it just a clever ploy to separate people from their money?


About the Manufacturer


Max Attraction Gold is a product of Luv Essentials, who have been in business for over ten years. They are an eBay Power Seller, and have even been featured on TV stations like Discovery Health. Also, if you look through their “pheromones in the news” section, you’ll see that the ingredients they use have been talked about on a variety of news stations and websites, such as CNN and WebMD. So far, I admit, I’m impressed.

As a product, Max Attraction Gold is the main feature of Luv Essentials, and contains a proprietary blend of eight hormones and pheromones in its secret blend. Also, it features separate products for men and women, which is something that demands a closer look.

How does  Max Attraction Gold Work


As I mentioned before, Max Attraction Gold actually features eight different pheromones in it’s blend, which is one more than Pherazone has. It also comes in a nice pump spray bottle, which makes it easy to apply to the wrist, neck, and ear areas. Each bottle contains nearly 18mg of the formula, which comes in a subtle, yet fresh fragrance that isn’t overbearing, but works to enhance the natural pheromone process. Finally, unlike others, it has a 100% money back guarantee that you can use in the event that it doesn’t work.


The Results


Unlike many other products, where I found reviews claiming that pheromone products were a scam, I actually found several promising reviews of Max Attraction Gold.

On such reviewer said:

“Max attract gold is actually a good product. It has 8 pheromones and a total of 17 mg of pheromones in it, not 17 mg of just androstenone…I have used luvessential products though and I like them.” (sic)

In other cases, reviewers simply said that it was a great product to try, but wasn’t a one-size fits all solution, meaning that a certain degree of “game” was required to finalize the connection between man and women.

Still, I was happy to report that I found much more positive things about this product than negative ones.



  • Cheaper than many of its competitors
  • Higher amount of androstenone than most
  • High count of pheromone types
  • Spray bottle
  • 100% money back guarantee



  • Spray bottle may lead to waste
  • Small bottle size
  • Too much andro can have an opposite effect
  • Not universal (different products for men and women)


Where to buy Max Attraction Gold Pheromone?

There are different online shops where you can order Max Attraction including Amazon.

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MaxAttractionGold can also be ordered from UK, Australia, Canada and Europe.

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The Verdict

I was happy to tell my friend that yes, Max Attraction Gold reviews were positive, and that the thought of a Max Attraction Gold scam was unfounded. Though it’s less expensive than Pherazone, it also costs more per mg, which makes it my second favorite product on the market. That being said, with the guarantee and great Max Attraction Gold consumer feedback, you can’t really go wrong giving Max Attraction Gold a try.


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