Nexus Pheromones Review


Nexus Pheromones ReviewNexus Pheromones Review – If you’ve ever watched ABC’s 20/20 program, you might have seen a special show on the use of pheromones in dating and in cologne and perfume products. They are said to enhance attraction and make it easy for men and women to attract and seduce each other.

It’s because of this video, which is featured prominently on the Nexus Pheromones website, that I decided to take a look at a pheromone product called Nexus, in order to find out whether pheromones are a scam, or really legit.

Admittedly, I was skeptical, but as someone who’s looking to enhance my own attraction powers, I was definitely willing to give it a look. Read the following Nexus Pheromones Review to find out more…

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Where to Buy Nexus

Nexus is sold by a company called Leading Edge Herbals, which is headquartered in Gray, TN. They have a clear refund policy, which is nice, and they seem to be easy to reach via email. I was disappointed not to find a customer service phone number, but these days, most Internet services do best with electronic communication anyway.

One thing I was definitely impressed with was their website, which was designed with style and certainly put the product on a pedestal. The question was – does it deserve that pedestal? Let’s find out.


Nexus Product Information


Nexus is sold on a risk free 67 day trial, which gives you over two months to try it out without having to worry about money. It comes with a few free bonuses, such as a male enhancement pill package, a guide to using pheromones, and in larger orders, at least one free bottle of Nexus.


The product comes in a clear bottle and is applied via a spray top that looks just like an ordinary perfume or cologne applicator.


A single bottle is just $49.95, and contains a mixture of Androstenone, Alpha-Androstenol, Androsterone, Epiandrosterone, Beta-Androstenol, Androstedienone, and Androstanone. In other words, it’s a power pack mix of the best pheromones on the planet.


Nexus User Feedback


The first Nexus review I found had this to say about the product:


“I used Nexus and…the first nite I wore it a freakin hot ass bartender asked me out on a date”


I found several others like that, most of which mentioned Nexus as one of their favorite pheromone products. As is common on pheromone forums and discussion sites, most users seem to have at least 2-3 favorites, and if Nexus was one of them, then that’s a good sign.


Based on Nexus user feedback, here’s what I found:



  • Smells great
  • Easy to apply
  • Strong mixture
  • Needs very little to work
  • 67 day trial



  • Slightly expensive
  • Only one variety


Nexus Pheromone Rating

 Clearly there are more good points than bad with this one, and with the 67 day trial, there’s really no reason not to try Nexus as one of your first pheromone experiments. The product is less than fifty bucks, and seems to work very well. Heck, even 20/20 says that pheromones work, so consider me sold. I’m giving this one 4/5 stars.


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