Recently I found myself researching a variety of pheromone products for a friend that needed a little help in the dating department. Over the course of my research, I learned about several products that were purported to work well, one of which was Chikara.

Chikara seemed like an interesting product, but I was concerned by the lack of data on their sales page, and whether or not such a small bottle could make a difference. They claimed to have some of the best results in the business, but because I’m a natural skeptic, I wasn’t buying it. Still, my friend was in need, so I began to test for myself whether Chikara was a scam or not. Read on the following Chikara Review.

Where it Comes From

Chikara is a product of Love Scent, a Colorado company that sells a variety of scented and unscented pheromones. One of the things that struck me, as I browsed their product categories, was that they had some of the most fascinating user forums I’d experience while doing my research.

Inside those forums I found a wealth of Chikara user feedback, and some great research information, which I’ll share in just a bit.

As for the product itself, it comes in a few varieties, such as scented and unscented, but also in combination products where it’s mixed with other pheromone compounds.


How Chikara Works

Like many of the other products in its category, Chikara claims a proprietary blend of pheromones, including four that have never been used before in a product of this type. Some of the major components of Chikara are Androstenone, Androstenol, and Androsterone. In total, their formula contains seven pheromones, mixed together in a way said to stimulate attraction between men and women.

One of the benefits of Chikara, as opposed to other products, is that it lasts for up to six hours per single use, which means you’ll get much more for your money. They do this by concentrating the compound in a special type of ethanol to make it last longer, and according to the reviews, it seems to work.

Each order of Chikara comes in a 10ml bottle with 10mg of pheromone compound inside.


Chikara Reviews

According to my research, Chikara is a good product, but many people prefer the scented version to the unscented version. Also, it appears to be hit and miss on its own, meaning that in some cases it’s better to mix it with additional products, such as Scent of Eros. However, on its own, in small doses, it still seems to do the trick.

One user ran a secret experiment on his friends:

“Funnily enough I applied a smidge of Scent of Eros, The Edge and Chikara to three different pieces of paper (with a letter to remind me which was which in pencil) and asked my friends which “cologne” sample they liked best. Chikara was 1st or 2nd with all my friends and my one mate went nuts for the stuff; thought it was brilliant.”

And from another:

“I am 22 as well.I’ve had incredible success with Chikara. Hands down it’s the only successful product I think that works for me.I have everything else.I use one spray to the neck, if I go to a bar/club I put two sprays on.I’m fit and tall.Sometimes I’ll put Soe on the wrists, but overall you got a great starting point”


Here are my own thoughts on the product.


  • Cheaper than many of its competitors
  • Comes scented, unscented, and mixed
  • Plenty of user reviews and research
  • Contains three of the most popular pheromones



  • Can generate opposite effect if applied too liberally
  • Unscented version less effective
  • Hard to choose which version to buy


The Final Tally

Overall, Chikara seems like a product that works for some, but not for others. Therefore, I can’t give it a 5/5, but I’m happy to recommend it with 4 stars. I recommend trying the scented version, or mixing it with Scent of Eros.


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The Most Talked about Pheromone

I’ve done a lot of research on pheromones and the use of them as attraction enhancement tools, and while I’ve studied a lot of products, some good and some bad, there is one in particular that keeps popping up and begging for my attention. It’s called Scent of Eros, and in my estimation, at least one in five pheromone reviews give mention of this product. So I wasn’t sure if these were legit Scent of Eros reviews, or if it really was that good. Today’s research is my attempt at getting to the bottom of it.

Scent of Eros Information

Scent of Eros is made and sold by LuvEssentials, a Florida company that also sells products like Max Attraction, Max Attraction Gold, and a mix of several other pheromone colognes and perfumes. Scent of Eros comes in a floral fragrance, to attract men, or a musk fragrance, to attract women. Each bottle is just 0.33 fluid ounces, and is guaranteed to contain at least 5 mg of pheromone mixture per bottle.

How it Works

Scent of Eros is a roll-on bottle that is used on the pulse areas, such as the wrist, back of the ear, neck, and any other place where you might come into contact with a member of the opposite sex. It was created by renowned scientist James Vaughn Kohl as a way to increase flirtatious behavior in women, and testosterone in men. For those interested, it also comes in an unscented version, which is great for mixing with standard colognes or perfumes.

The bottles are priced at $49.95, and can be ordered online, by mail, or via fax. The LuvEssentials product page is rather light on information, but according to several review websites I learned that it contains mostly Androstenol (0.4 mg/ml) and androsterone (0.1 mg/ml). Some recommended mixtures are with The Edge and New Pheromone Additive.

Research Findings

Most of the positive Scent of Eros reviews mentioned the additional gel packs that can be purchased in order to spread over a large surface area. Also, several people mentioned that the fragrance is strong, and that they prefer the unscented version.

Here’s what one male reviewer said about Scent of Eros:

“Scent of Eros is a very good product in my opinion. Not overtly sexual (more sensual) but works well. Start off with a couple of inches on each wrist over the pulse points and maybe a dab behind each ear. A7 another absolute gem, is very strong/potent so start off with one drop (my application usual place is to the chest). Experimentation is key, just play around and find the most effective quantity of each for you.”

Another interesting point is that many users of Scent of Eros said that the gel packs were great for long-term use, but that you don’t need an entire packet to see results. This is great for an evening out when you might need something to last for longer than 30-60 minutes.

Final Score

Overall, Scent of Eros seems to be a solid product, provided you buy the one that is best for your situation. My final review is 3.5/5 stars, which makes it one of the better of the bunch but not as good as Pherazone, the current test winner.

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One of the problems that the pheromone bottling industry is dealing with is trying to find blends that work for both men and women, but also have a high success rate. It sounds easy to do, but because everyone has different body chemistry, especially between men and women, the trick of getting blends just right is no easy task.

It’s because of this that many manufacturers have also attempted individual blends for men and women, such as Alter Ego for Men, which is made by Love Scent.


Love Scent HQ

Love Scent is a Colorado company that makes dozens of pheromone colognes and mixtures for both men and women. They have a very active forum, and are very easy to get in touch with when you have a customer service issue. For this reason, I really like them as a whole. However, while they have many products that are really good, they also have a few duds, which is why I wanted to take a closer look at Alter Ego for Men in order to see if it was a scam, or a legit pheromone product.


Alter Ego Information

What’s interesting about this product is that their information page is very sparse, and only mentions a few notes about the product:

  • It comes in a 7.5 ml bottle
  • It uses an eye dropper top for application
  • It contains cologne


Aside from this, I had to dig into Alter Ego reviews to learn the real truth about this product, which I thought was very strange.

Based on the label, it appears as though Alter Ego from men contains three pheromones: Androstenone, Androstenol, and  Androsterone, which are three of the most well known and powerful pheromones used to attract women.

The fact that it comes in a dropper bottle is not a surprise, as many Love Scent products ship similarly, but considering the frequent complaints about using these bottles, I would prefer a pump spray bottle instead. Like other pheromone products, the best place to apply Alter Ego for Men is in the pulse areas, such as the wrist, neck, and behind the ears.


Alter Ego for Men User Feedback

Looking through the reviews on this product, it’s clear that people love it or hate it. For some, it works very well, even in small doses, while others complained that it was too strong and caused strange emotions in the women they encountered.  This is probably due to improper use, as using too much can cause the opposite of the intended effect.

The fact that it contains Androstenone, Androstenol, and Androsterone means that it should work, the only issue being the smell, which I’ve read no complaints about. Overall, most people seem happy with their purchase of Alter Ego for Men.



  • Not expensive
  • Powerful mixture
  • Enhanced with scent
  • Large bottle



  • Dropper top
  • Lack of product info


Alter Ego for Men Final Rating

Overall all, considering it’s a Love Scent product, and that it’s priced right, I give Alter Ego for Men a rating of 3.5/5. It isn’t the best on the market, but it is one of the best, which makes it a winner in my book.

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When mothers hear the word oxytocin, they likely think of the hormone used to speed up the birth giving process. What they might not know however, is that oxytocin is used by the body for many other purposes, such as regulating orgasms and building trust between partners. It’s actually a pheromone secreted by the body naturally, that works to cement bonds between partners and lovers.

So it was with great excitement, and veiled skepticism, that I decided to take a look at Liquid Trust, which is the world’s first oxytocin based pheromone product designed not to seduce, but to build trust.

I could picture it now, using Liquid Trust Pheromones during a sales presentation, or in a meeting with my boss where I might press for a promotion. If it worked, it would be golden, but if Liquid Trust was a scam, then I’d be severely disappointed. Found out more in the following Liquid Trust Review.


Where does Liquid Trust come from

Liquid Trust is a product made by Love Scent, which is a reputable company headquartered in Hotchkiss, Colorado. They manufacturer a variety of pheromone products, such as Chikara and Scent of Eros, among others.

According to their product page, Liquid Trust is a body spray used to increase trust with everyone you come into contact with, using oxytocin as the base. The bottle is a 1/4 oz serving, which comes unscented so that it can be used with other perfumes or colognes.


About Liquid Trust

Unlike other pheromone products, which are usually applied to pulse points, Liquid Trust appears to work best when it is sprayed to the front of the body, where you will be most likely to make contact with the other person you want to build trust with.

The price of each 1/4 ounce bottle is $29.95, and it’s said to work both with men and women. The one caveat I found with its effective use is that if you use too much, it will not only lower the inhibitions of those around you, but for you as well. In other words, it will also work on you too! So be careful when using it.


Liquid Trust Research

While looking for liquid trust user feedback and liquid trust reviews, I found several people that mentioned that you should establish some sort of relationship with the target before using it, which makes sense. No amount of pheromones can overcome hostility or anxiety. That being said, it can take the edge off to help you get close, if you use it over time in several meetings with a particular person.

Here’s what one user said:

“I’ve had the best results when I’ve sprayed three or four sprays half an hour to an hour before the meeting, and then three or four sprays (on clothes) just before. I’ve seen surprisingly strong affiliation behavior in meetings with tough people. In one case a hard nosed operator continued the conversation walking out and then standing on the street”

The danger for me has been becoming reckless with that level of Oxt. The hormone reduces fear and a little caution can be a good thing in meetings. I have overstepped the mark when dosed up.”

As you can see, it’s important to remember that these are highly effective chemicals, and the proper care should be taken when using them.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Unscented



  • Requires several uses to be effective
  • Untested
  • Can be dangerous
  • Might not work in combination with other pheromones


Liquid Trust Results

So it turns out that while liquid trust is not a scam, it also can be tough to get a handle on. Since it’s a new product, and new product type, I’d like to see a bit more research released about the effects of inhaled oxytocin before being able to give it my full recommendation. It can also be dangerous if used improperly, which is why I give it a final rating of 3.5/5 stars.

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I first heard about pheromone colognes while reading an article on WebMD, and though I was skeptical of the idea that pheromones could be created in a lab and mixed in a way that would enhance the dating experience, I was eager to take a look at a few of the brands on the market and see if they worked. One of those brands is PherX, which looks like something you’d find at a drugstore next to the nasal spray, but at $29.95, would be a very expensive experiment. So instead of trying it on my own and risking the money to see if PherX was a scam, I thought I’d look for user feedback and dig into some of the research. The following is what I found.


How I Came to Research PherX


I spent quite a bit of time trying to find out who owns and manufacturers PherX, but all of my searches turned up blank, and even their WHOIS information is private. Because of this, I was walking into my research with a bit of measured skepticism, hoping Pherx isn’t a scam, but being prepared to hear otherwise when researching PherX Reviews.

Still, their price is much lower than those of their competitors, and their website looks very professional, full of research and documentation on the power of pheromones in the role of human attraction.


About PherX


The product itself is shipping in a discreet shipping container, and contains 18mg of their pheromone blend, which contains standard stuff really – Androstadienone, Androstenol, Androstenone, and Androsterone. They also claim to include several proprietary hormones, which is also common in this industry.

They have a separate bottle for each category: Men, women, gay men, and gay women, which is unique in that regard, as many products either have a single bottle for all sexes, or just one for each sex. In fact, the female version of PherX includes estratetraenol and Copulins to attract men. The fact that these blends are custom tailored is a good sign.


How it Works


Like most pheromone colognes, PherX is applied with a spray bottle to the pulse areas (neck, behind ears, wrist, and anywhere else you need it) before going out. These pheromone blends overwhelm the other sex with sexual feelings, caused by dopamine receptors responding to these natural chemicals. PherX is also free to be used with or without your own perfumes and colognes, which is good, since most of these products, even unscented, tend to smell worse than I’d like them to.


Research Findings


One PherX reviewer said “ use it every single day and it works day after day… I usually experience no negative reactions at all…” but many others were mixed. Looking at the PherX reviews, it looks like it’s a hit and miss product, and though some have used it with success, it certainly isn’t a home run.


Final Score


Because I wasn’t able to find any horrible PherX reviews, I’m not going to completely discount it, but the lack of company info on their website, and the fact that it’s still unproven means that I’m going to give it a final rating of 3/5 stars. The good news is that it’s inexpensive, so if you’re looking to start with an entry level pheromone cologne, then PherX is a way to do that.

If you want to get a better option than Pherx checkout the Pherazone review here. Pherazone has the highest Pheromone concentration on the market.