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New Pheromone Additive (NPA) is a product of Love Scent, who also makes dozens of other popular scented and unscented pheromone colognes. Though I’d heard of them in the past, and have found several of their products to be legit, I was worried that using a pheromone as an additive to a cologne or perfume, which is how this product is designed to be distributed, might dampen the effect.

Love Scent and NPA

Love scent is a Colorado based company that is not afraid to post their address and phone number information, which in this industry is a rare thing. Being that I’ve reviewed some of their other products, I knew that they were a reputable company, so that wasn’t the issue. The issue was whether this product was actually worth using instead of their other products.

NPA comes in a 7 ml or 15 ml bottle and is not sprayed, but dropped into cologne or perfume bottles. They have a version for both men and women, but it’s a bit pricy, at just under $55 per bottle.

How it Works

According to Love Scent, NPA has 5 times the androstenone of that their old pheromone additive contained, but is designed to be used as an additive, rather than a scented cologne. They say that it’s very concentrated and must be mixed in cologne, perfume, or aftershave, else you risk coming on too strong. This could be good, but having not taken pheromone mixing class in school, I hoped I wouldn’t get it wrong.


Luckily for me, NPA reviews were not difficult to find. One male reviewer had this to say:

“Whether it’s a placebo or not, the stuff makes me feel badass and it helps me to focus. I am already quite a confident guy, but add NPA to the mix and I feel like I’m unstoppable.”

Meanwhile, I was also able to find a rare female review:

“Love this thing!!! i use it with PI/w(not mixed) then SOE/w to cover the scent…this three are really, really, really great..they are (boys) all infatuated with me…”

And there were several more reviews just like those. It appears that not only does New Pheromone Additive work, but it works well for both men and women. However, one caveat is that most people say it should be mixed with other Love Scent products in order to work well, which means you’ll have to spend even more money to get the desired result.


Final Score

The numbers don’t really lie, and since more people seem to be happy than upset with this product, then I too will give it a passing grade. That being said, it does worry me that this product needs to be mixed with another product in order to achieve the desired effect. These products are not cheap, and at near $60 a bottle, you would expect it to work on its own. Also, combining it with cologne or perfume could be a mixed bag, which is why I’m going to pass this product with a 3/5 stars. It looks like New Pheromone Additive is not a scam after all.

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If you look through many of the pheromone colognes and other varieties on the market, you’ll see that one of the primary ingredient in each of them is Androstadienone, which is said to be the best sex pheromone on the market. The question though is this – does it work on it’s own, or does it need to be mixed with other pheromones in order to achieve enhanced attraction. Since Love Scent offers Androstadienone as a solo product, I thought I’d look to see if I could get to the bottom of this and find out if Androstadienone is a scam, or a great way to enhance sexuality.

About Androstadienone

As I mentioned before, Androstadienone is a product of Love Scent, which is a Colorado based company with a high reputation in the pheromone industry. Though this product is a general pheromone, the product I’m reviewing is the Love Scent manufactured version, so the results might vary based on manufacturer.

Their version sells for just under $50 a half strength bottle, and $80 for a full strength bottle. Both sizes come in a 10 ml dropper bottle and are said to contain 10 mg of the product.

How it Works

In big bold letters, the Love Scent website says that this product is for experimental use only, which had my red flag up a bit. Why sell something for testing if it hasn’t been proven? Still, knowing that Love Scent makes several good products, I thought I would let the Androstadienone user feedback be the judge.

It is said that this product contains the strongest pheromone of them all, so it will be interesting to see how others use it. Do you need to mix it, or try it solo? These were the questions on my mind.

Research Findings

The first review I found had this to say:

“When i used this product, I definitely noticed the effects of it, but the bottle/dropper is of poor quality. I found my bottle empty the other day after it had been left on its side for a few days. I am not very happy about that, but the product does work…”

Another mentioned it was good for women during that special time of the month:

“Unlike most other mones, it is the magic pill for PMS: lifts mood, relaxes and generally helps transform her from a fire throwing (expletive omitted) into a cheerful little quasi-angel. One of two drops…and a few sweet words and she’s like clay in my hands. Unfortunately I haven’t found it useful for much else, and I have tried it extensively for years in mixes and standalone.”

The downside is that I also found several reviews from people complaining that they had a hard time perfecting the mixture, and that it was still too untested to be of great use.

Final Score

Because of those reasons, I’m leery of giving it a perfect rating, but since it’s included in almost every pheromone mix on the planet, there’s little doubt that it can work. The question is just getting the right mixture, and learning how to use it properly. More importantly, you need to learn when to use it properly.

So with all that said, I’m going to close this review with a 3/5 star rating, which means that it works, but probably best for those experienced in using pheromone products. So the good news is that the Androstadienone user feedback is good, and it’s not a scam. The bad is that you might need to apply it a few different ways before you find a winning combination.


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